Kinderen in Nood Foundation contributes  to the primary support of disadvantaged children, families, people in need and refugees who  are in an emergency situation.   The focus  is on Eastern Europe. All donations go directly to those who need it most.


  • Collection of medical devices, clothing, shoes, food , toiletries
  • Organizing transports
  • Supporting orphanages  and  children's homes, schools, hospitals and refugees center
  • Collection of donations to finance projects and operational costs
  • Comply with and maintain the ANBI quality mark
  • Provide families for their basic necessities, at the lowest costs

How do  we do that?

  • With many volunteers ensure  continuity of the foundation
  • The recommendation committee  maintains contact with companies and sponsors

Board members take care of marketing, sponsorship, actions and determine the strategy of the foundation. Through the website, social media   and  newsletter we actively recruit donations and report our activities.  Donors and sponsors actively support the foundation. In each country  we have a local presence and goods are handed over personally.

www.kindereninnood.nl (Dutch)

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