What do you spend the donated money on?

Most of the money goes to financing transport and fuel costs. The transport costs for sending a truck to Eastern Europe vary from 3,500 to 4000 €, depending on the destination.

We also buy food on location and finance relief supplies that we do not have and help institutions with small-scale projects.

In addition, we have operational costs, such as the rent and utility costs of the storage location and administration costs that must be paid annually.

What do you benefit most: money or goods?

Due to rising transport and operational costs, we benefit most from financial donations. This guarantees the continuity of our aid. Our flow of goods is fairly constant, the biggest challenge is the storage and loading of the goods.

How can I donate?

You can make a one-time or periodic donation to  RABONL 2U 0383 774241 or  INGBNL2A 0006 217861. For more information, check out the website under donate. 

What goods do you collect?

Clothing, shoes, toys, toiletries, medical supplies, food, technical appliances and small furniture.

Where do you take the goods?

We bring the goods to children and families who are in an emergency situation in Eastern Europe. In addition, we support orphanages, institutions for disabled children and hospitals. We give priority to Ukrainian refugees in Romania and Hungary and families and children in need in Ukraine. Through our partner in Hungary, the goods are distributed by volunteers in Ukraine.

How can you be sure that the goods and money end up with the right people and are well spent?

We have been working intensively with the same parties in Romania and Hungary for years. There is almost daily contact and we visit projects and locations every year. We have strict agreements about (financial) accountability and we are ANBI certified. This means that we are a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) and meet the legal requirements every year.

Our representative in Hungary is originally from Ukraine, speaks the language and has an extensive network in Ukraine. He visits for us the projects and locations in Ukraine, where the relief goods end up.

Do you also offer help to countries other than those in Eastern Europe?

In 2023, together with our partners in Eastern Europe, we determined that the urgency and need in Ukraine is the highest. That's where our focus is and we have our hands full. In addition, because of our reliable network, we know for sure that the aid (goods) end up with the right people.

Do you also employ paid employees?

No, we only work with volunteers at home and abroad. That makes us a very efficient organization, where the money ends up as much as possible to those who need it most. 

Copyright foto: thanx to Alexas_Fotos (Pixabay)

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