Gusztáv Fodor
Gusztáv lives and works from Hungary for the Reformed Church. He studied Theology in Budapest. His mother was Ukrainian and he also worked in Ukraine for years, speaks the language and has an extensive network. He is program coordinator of social development programs in Ukraine, Transcarpathia.


Rudolf Balazhinec
Rudolf has been an important contact person for Gusztáv Fodor and the Foundation in Ukraine since 2022. He takes care of the transports from Hungary to places in Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the war, he has also distributed food parcels for the Foundation.


Julia Kovacs

My name is Kovács Julia, I am a 42 years old kindergarden teacher from Romania. My husband is Kovács Zoltán,he is 45 years old and we have 2 children together. Our eldest being our son, Botond, who is 17 years old, soon turning 18 and our daughter Nora, who is 11 years old.
I have been a kindergarden teacher for the past 24 years. Working in rural Romania, I have seen children growing up in poverty with parents struggling to provide for them. My dream was always to be able to help them, as I understood the difficulties they are facing. Together with my brother, we grew up half-orphaned, without our father. In our childhood, we often experienced poverty and saw our mother struggle to be able to provide for us. 
In our adulthood, we helped people as much as we could, and following a partnership with Stichting Kinderen in Nood, we feel our dreams came true. My journey with SKIN began with my brother Zoltan, who started helping poor children and families in our area. The impact the help had on these families was enormous and I wish to continue to help as many people as I can. Together with my family we are trying to reach as many children and families as we possibly can to try and help those who need it the most. 

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