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Ramnicu Valcea Refugee Centre (May 2022)

Ramnicu Valcea is a story of human kindness, where a local hotel owner has helped over 400 refugees from Ukraine, mostly women and children and those suffering from physical or mental handicap. Thanks to Stichting Kinderen in Nood we were able to contribute to this story.

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We came across Ramnicu Valcea through NGO's, who informed us about the existence of the centre. We have been to Ramnicu Valcea before and have chosen to return here to distribute much needed humanitairuan aid, as there is no other organisation helping here.

Thanx to Stichting Kinderen in Nood Netherlands we were able to distribute many goods to help the refugees housed here. This time we have distributed the goods along wil the Philips donation and have distributed food, personal hygiene items and summer clothing, along with baby bottles and kitchen appliances. All these were much needed bij the centre.

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We wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all who donated and all who helped to arrange the transport of donated items. Thank you for allowing us to help those who need it the most.


 Thank you Stichting Kinderen in Nood Netherlands!

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